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Skin Treatments

An all natural approach to rejuvenate scars.

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Inkless Stretch Mark Treatment

This skin treatment penetrates the skin with a mixture of organic vitamins and oils, to promote the production of collagen and elastin. This technique focuses on each individual stretch mark, producing a smooth and finer appearance. This treatment can reduce appearance of stretch marks up to 80%.  Since this treatment, causes the skin to rejuvenate, results of this treatment are permanent. To achieve ideal results, up to 3 treatments may be needed. 

Scar Lightening  Treatment

This skin treatment is for hyper-pigmented scars. The scars may have a red or dark appearance.  To fade the appearance of the scar an organic serum is used to penetrate the skin to help naturally lightening scars. The scar must be at least 1 year old. This treatment is ideal for clients who have post-surgical scars and injury scars.  Ideal results may need up to 4 treatments.

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