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MicroShading ( B Ombre Brow)

Microshading is a cometic procedure that applies semi permanent make-up to the eyebrow. This procedure is done by a Licensed Tattoo Artist, also known as a Permanent make-up artist. When creating B Ombre Brow, a machine tool is used to make pixel like dots to fill in the brow. This procedure creates a gradient effect to the brow, creating an ombre effect. 


Before the first appointment, a consultation is required to discuss the process with Microshading. My goal in this step is to collaborate with the client, to answer any questions, and see what the end goal is

for their brows. During this step we discuss a questionnaire, pre-appointment instructions 

and a consent are filled out

This is all to ensure this procedure is safe for the client.  This can be done virtually or at first appointment.  

First Appointment

During the first appointment, mapping of the brows are done to see allow the client to make any adjustments or changes to the brows before the procedure. A measurement device is used to ensure proper balance and symmetry of the brows. Once the shape is approved by the client, the process will begin to create the shading of the brows. A numbing agent is used during this procedure to ensure comfort.  


Once the procedure is over, the client will be given aftercare instructions and package to help with the healing process of the brows. This part is the most important, allowing the brows to heal and create the longevity of the brows. Detailed verbal and written aftercare instructions will be given. 

Second appointment 

The second appointment is scheduled 6-8 weeks after the first appointment. This appointment is to touch up the brow and fill in any areas that may have faded during healing. This touch up is very important to ensure the desired look is created. The touch up process is to ensure the brows will last the 2 years period before another touch-up is needed. 

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